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Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance – To avoid hefty expenses on damages which could have been easily avoided, it is of extreme importance that all lifts are regularly serviced. Today’s lifts are equipped with advanced safety features which also must be checked regularly. Through our mother company, Advent Lifts Services Limited, we offer 24/7 repairs and preventive maintenance services in Malta. We have adopted new systems to repair and service lifts using the most time-cost efficient methods and to ensure that lifts are regularly serviced according to their particular needs.


Modernisation – Lift regulations change from time to time and certain lift safety features have to be upgraded
accordingly. Whether a technical requirement or an aesthetical consideration, Vertibus can provide you with the right components and technical assistance to carry this out. Through our mother company, Advent Lifts Services Limited, in Malta we are also equipped to carry out the modernisation ourselves. We have a specialised team to ensure that upgrades are carried out according to your needs and without incurring any extra expenses.


Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance – Our experience and international knowledge mean we are familiar with global technical requirements, therefore, we can guarantee trouble-free and first-class support internationally whenever and wherever needed. Our technical team provides full technical assistance to our appointed representatives. By using Vertibus Connect to understand a technical fault of a lift and also video conferencing we are able to assist lift installers worldwide without physically being there, however, when the need arises, we go the extra
mile by providing on-site visits to solve technical issues as per client’s requirements. This gives us an edge over our competitors internationally and is the reason why our highly local and international customers have been placing their trust in Vertibus for many years.

Why choose vertibus

Why Choose Vertibus

Bespoke & Unique

Whether you want to tweak one of our existing models, or design a completely new lift, we have the expertise to meet your needs and create the ideal solution. With our ability to design and manufacture bespoke lifts, we are passionate about taking on new challenges to create the right vertical transportation solution for each individual situation. Whatever the space you have to work with, our tailor made production system can harmoniously fit any lift to ensure smooth transportation of passengers and / or freight. Vertibus has designed lifts in scenarios where it seemed impossible to install one.


A common inquiry that we receive from potential customers is “What safety features are included?” Depending on what type of lift is purchased, Vertibus Lifts are equipped with various safety features such as safety gears, infrared light curtains,door interlocks, safety switches, automatic re-leveling devices, door contacts, protection buffers, emergency alarm buttons, automatic telephone dialing systems with auto-testing through Vertibus Connect, emergency batteries, emergency lights, emergency lowering devices and other safety features.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and Safety are also of paramount importance to our designs as we strive to offer customers the best possible experience. For traction, we offer inverter controlled gearless machines that reduce energy consumption by half when compared to conventional geared machines. For Hydraulic lifts Vertibus offers either  an electronically controlled valve or an inverter which regulates hydraulic oil flow rates as needed for more efficient acceleration, travel and deceleration.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Within its strategic structure, through its management and all the employees, the company strives to be a good corporate citizen and integrates Corporate Social Responsibility into our business operations:

  • People – Workplace (Fair Working Conditions, Employee Growth, Equal Opportunities, Harmonious Working Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Training and Development, Employee Benefits, Opportunity to People with Special Needs, Work and Apprenticeship Opportunities for Students and School Leavers)
  • Health and Environment (Waste Management – Re-Using – Recycling & Waste Reduction, Environmental Care and Protection, Reducing Water and Energy Consumption, Encourage Suppliers to Implement Good Environmental Practices)
  • Information and Security – (Security of Business Information and Sensitive Data, Secure Operating Environment)
  • Society – (Contribution to Recognised Charities, Volunteerism, Social Contribution, Sponsorships, Support Local Events and Sports Organisations )
  • Marketplace – (Responsible Policies, Integrity, Personal Conduct, Ethics, Fairness and Interactions with Stakeholder: Customers and Suppliers)
Technology & Innovation

Innovation in design and manufacturing is a passion for Vertibus but so is technology. Vertibus has not only focused on the mechanical design but also on the design of the software and hardware of the electrical system. Vertibus Lifts are available in both hydraulic and traction type. They are controlled by software specifically developed in house which not only ensures a smooth journey for the user but also enables us to tweak for specific customer requirements.  Depending on the type of lift chosen, it may be equipped with a pre-wired CAN BUS electronic system and Vertibus Connect which give installers access to monitor the lift remotely through the cloud and also other features such auto-dialer self test and automatic fault reporting. Our aim at all times is to create a feasible solution using optimised VERTIBUS TECHNOLOGY in the most affordable manner.


Vertibus Passenger Lifts can be customised as fully accessible to all, with buttons and displays at the right height, a voice synthesiser, an infrared light curtain, induction loop and various other features.

International track record

Our experience and international knowledge mean we are familiar with global technical requirements. Therefore, we can guarantee trouble-free and first-class support internationally, whenever and wherever it is needed.  This is the reason why our highly satisfied local and international customers have been placing their trust in Vertibus for many years.


Efficiency in manufacturing is matched with very strict quality control policies in accordance with our ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation. This not only applies to the production of our lifts but also to the way we pack and ship lifts after full assembly and testing from our final loading base in Malta to customers across the globe.  Vertibus Lifts are aimed at providing a significant quality ride in terms of both vibration and noise.  The high quality mechanical and electronic parts, together with the high quality and detailed designs ensure that the overall quality of Vertibus Lifts exceed customers’ expectations.


Comfort refers to the quality of the ride as well as the interaction between the lift, the building and the passengers.  Due to excellent product design Vertibus Lifts provide a very comfortable and distinguished ride. Ride quality is also affected by the vibration, noise, acceleration, and deceleration of the system as well as the ability of parameter optimisation. Our lift are designed to exceed customer requirements and expectations with various optional accessories.


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