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Vertibus Goods Lifts

A Goods Lift is a lift designed to carry goods rather than passengers and is generally required to display a written notice in the car that the use by passengers is prohibited, though certain Goods and Passengers Lift allow dual use. We install any kind of goods lift on the market and our speciality is customising them to meet your requirements, no matter how challenging they may be. Our highly skilled and experienced team of lift engineers have vast experience in in the design of such lifts and have a real expertise in creating bespoke systems and fitting them into unworkable spaces.



bespoke & unique design

Whether you want to tweak one of our existing models, or design a completely new bespoke Goods Lift, we have the expertise to meet your needs and create the ideal solution.

With our ability to design and manufacture bespoke lifts, we are passionate about taking on new challenges to create the right vertical transportation solution for each individual situation including those with severe reduced pit and reduced headroom requirements. Whatever the space you have to work with, our tailor made production system can harmoniously fit any Goods Lift to ensure smooth transportation of freight. Vertibus has designed Goods Lifts in scenarios where it seemed impossible to install one. This lift is designed to maximise the area of the lift shaft giving the largest possible platform.

Vertibus Goods Only Lifts are usually platform only lifts, however, they can be customised with a steel perimeter border to make it easier to load goods or even with a full cabin.  Cabins can be designed in any bespoke shape, size and colour and are made out of very durable stainless steel sheets or plastic laminated metal sheets bent especially to give the most possible strength. Depending on the space available and the door clear opening required, one usually opt for motorised door shutters however one can opt for other options usually RAL coated manual swing doors.

Vertibus Goods and Passenger Lifts are very similar to Vertibus Passenger Lifts, however, include accessories intended for loading and supporting bulky and heavy loads such as re-enforced sills, cabin bumpers etc… These can be supplied in any bespoke shape, size and colour and are made out of very durable stainless steel sheets or plastic laminated metal sheets bent especially to give the most possible strength. All the Vertibus Goods and Passengers Lift cabins come standard with a full colour seven-inch TFT indicator inside the cabin and also a full indicator push button at each landing. Depending on the space available and the door clear opening required, one can opt for either manual swing doors or automatic sliding doors. The landing doors can be chosen in plastic laminated sheets, RAL coated metal sheets or various types of stainless steel sheets. Your own build can be customised and given a personal touch with a wide range of buttons and indicators to match your needs.

In cases where there exists no space to build a stone / bricks lift shaft, both Vertibus Goods Only Lifts and also Vertibus Goods and Passenger Lifts can be fit into our Vertibus Pre-Fabricated Hoist-ways / Steel Structures.


Comfort refers to the quality of the ride as well as the interaction between the lift, the building and the users.  

Due to excellent product design Vertibus Goods and Passengers Lifts provide a very comfortable and distinguished ride. Ride quality is also affected by the vibration, noise, acceleration, and deceleration of the system as well as the ability of parameter optimisation.


A common inquiry that we receive from potential customers is “What safety features are included in Vertibus Goods Only Lifts and Vertibus Goods and Passenger Lifts?”

For the Vertibus Goods and Passenger Lifts, all safety features are identical to the Vertibus Passenger Lifts.

The Vertibus Goods Only Lifts are equipped with a safety gear in case speed is attained (where persons need to go on the platform to load the lift and not during travel), interlocks that control whether or not a cabin can begin to travel, switches in the lift shaft detecting the lift position including a final limit switch, an automatic re-leveling device that maintains the cabin level with the landing and protection buffers located in the pit.

Technology & Innovation

Innovation in design and manufacturing is a passion for Vertibus, but so is technology.

Vertibus Goods Lifts are available in both hydraulic and traction type, in reduced pit and reduced headroom situations, in various platform sizes, in various travel speeds, in various carry loads and with door shutters, manual swing doors or automatic doors.

Vertibus Goods Lifts can also be controlled by software specifically developed in house which not only ensures a smooth journey for the user but also enables us to tweak for specific customer requirements. 

Our aim at all times is to create a feasible solution using optimised VERTIBUS TECHNOLOGY in the most affordable manner.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and Safety are also of paramount importance to our designs as we strive to offer customers the best possible experience. For traction, we offer inverter controlled gearless machines that reduce energy consumption by half when compared to conventional geared machines. For Hydraulic lifts Vertibus offers either  an electronically controlled valve or an inverter which regulates hydraulic oil flow rates as needed for more efficient acceleration, travel and deceleration.


Efficiency in manufacturing is matched with very strict quality control policies in accordance with our ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation. This not only applies to the production of our lifts but also to the way we pack and ship lifts after full assembly and testing from our final loading base in Malta to customers across the globe.

Vertibus Goods Lifts are aimed at providing a significant quality ride in terms of both vibration and noise.  The high quality mechanical and electronic parts, together with the high quality and detailed designs ensure that the overall quality of Vertibus Goods Lifts exceed customers’ expectations.


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