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Our Story

Vertibus is a modern and highly efficient company that specialises in the design, and manufacturing  of lifts and escalators.

Our market leading design and innovation teams, operating from our facilities on the strategically located mediterranean island of Malta, and from the creative and industrial powerhouse that is northern Italy , develop bespoke vertical transportation solutions that are innovative, efficient, comfortable and safe.

This, combined with world class manufacturing processes and superior technical support, make Vertibus the ideal partner for any customer.

Be it homelifts, low or high traffic passenger lifts, goods lifts, car lifts or dumbwaiters, Vertibus has designed lifts in scenarios where it seemed impossible to install a lift.

With our ability to design and manufacture bespoke lifts, we are passionate about taking on new challenges to create the right vertical transportation solution for each individual situation.  Whatever the space you have to work with and the shape, size and technology required, our tailor made production system can harmoniously fit any lift to ensure smooth transportation of passengers and freight.  We have also designed special lifts with limited pits and headrooms when these were limiting factors for our customers. This ensures that clients value our products, services, and approach.

Vertibus has not only focused on the mechanical design but also on the design of the software and hardware of the electrical system.   Apart from giving the latest technology to the end user, the fact that Vertibus’ parent company, Advent Lifts Services Limited constantly installs lifts in Malta – gives the company’s research and development department a unique edge in understanding the real life scenarios faced by installers and maintenance professionals, and an advantage in manufacturing more installer and maintenance friendly lifts.

Energy efficiency and safety are also of paramount importance to our designs as we strive to offer customers the best possible experience.  For traction, Vertibus offers inverter controlled gearless machines that reduce energy consumption by half when compared to conventional geared machines.  For hydraulic lifts Vertibus offers either  an electronically controlled valve or an inverter which regulates hydraulic oil flow rates as needed for more efficient acceleration, travel and deceleration.

Vertibus delivers on its promise to provide vertical transportation solutions that are innovative, efficient, comfortable and safe also by ensuring personalised service to all our current and future customers.  Our experience and international knowledge mean we are familiar with global technical requirements. Therefore, we can guarantee trouble-free and first-class support internationally, whenever and wherever it is needed.  This is the reason why our highly satisfied local and international customers have been placing their trust in Vertibus for many years.

Our main mechanical production facility, located just 20km north of Milan, is equipped with an automated production line that manufactures our vast range of cabins in any shape, size and colour. Cabins are also equipped with various accessories such as tip-up seats, bumpers and handrails, as per customer’s choice of design and finish.

Furthermore, our state of the art production facility also, manufactures various lift chassis and other mechanical parts, both for hydraulic and also for traction systems. These are produced after having been designed by our team of engineers using special 3D design software.

Vertibus also manufactures pre-fabricated hoist-ways / steel structures both for indoor and outdoor use, where concrete shafts are not an option. These are designed to support a specific load with a variety of choices for cladding, in glass, fire rated cement boards and other materials.

Automated CNC machines are electronically fed to manufacture all these components through our design software which enables us to reach a certain level of standardisation while at the same time not limiting our ability to handle custom requests.

Vertibus also enjoys close relationships with leading suppliers of other lift components including motors, and hydraulic pumps and pistons. These suppliers manufacture these lift components according to our own specifications.

Following the manufacturing and painting, our lift mechanical parts are shipped to Malta for assembly.

After being designed by our team of engineers in Italy, the electrical part of the lift is manufactured and tested in our factory in Malta.  Vertibus control panels cater for different lift speeds and different features such as compatibility with low pit and low headroom devices, advanced door opening feature, full automatic emergency systems in case of power failure and many others.

Our range of products is designed to cover shopping centers, showrooms, factories, offices, hotels, hospitals, clinics, subways, airport terminals, train stations and private residences.  In addition to new lifts, Vertibus offers the products and knowhow for the modernisation of existing lifts around the globe.

Efficiency in manufacturing is matched with very strict quality control policies in accordance with our ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation. This not only applies to the production of our lifts but also to the way we pack and ship lifts after full assembly and testing from our final loading base in Malta to customers across the globe.

Innovation in design and manufacturing is a passion for Vertibus. But so is technology.

We are continuously working on new systems which can run completely on the same protocol as CAN BUS, developing plug and play solutions to help reduce installation times for installers. Our lifts are controlled by software specifically developed in house which not only ensures a smooth journey for the user but also enables us to tweak for specific customer requirements

Our lifts are equipped with pre-wired CAN BUS electronic systems which provides expeditious message delivery and data to our indicator push buttons at each floor and our full colour seven-inch TFT indicator in the cabin, both offered as standard with Vertibus Lifts.

This TFT indicator is GSM-Type and since it is wireless, it removes the possibility of a lift being damaged by lightning through the telephone line.   But this is not the main objective of our TFT indicator. More importantly, it provides a means for our lifts to communicate with our server platform to which lift installers have access and through which they can more easily maintain and repair the Vertibus Lifts which they install.

This is Vertibus Connect.

The data which Vertibus Connect records and transmits to our server platform based in Malta is available to our installers around the world 24/7.

By means of Vertibus Connect, the installers of Vertibus Lifts can monitor that the telephone system of the lifts which they install is working properly, via the automatic self test which the auto-dialer does every 72 hours.

Furthermore, this system also gives installers of Vertibus Lifts, the possibility to monitor all their lifts remotely through the cloud.  They can access lift inputs and outputs and also note the status of a particular lift.  This means that when a Vertibus Lift becomes out of order, lift installer is able to know that the lift stopped. Additionally, and still even before the lift user reports the problem, the installer can also identify the area of the fault and is  able to send the right technician with the right parts for the job.

This is Vertibus Automatic Fault Reporting.

Apart from giving the end user more peace of mind, Vertibus Connect is also invaluable to lift installers in helping them to maintain and repair their lifts and also to us, to be able to give the best technical support and aid the lift installer to diagnose a technical fault.

We appreciate and understand that buying a lift is an investment that customers do not want to regret. Our design, technology, manufacturing, installation and maintenance expertise are here to make every journey in a Vertibus Lift unique.

But we have no intention of stopping here.  We endeavour to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by continually investing and improving the quality, aesthetics and the  technology of our products.

Our focus on innovative design, our relentless drive towards manufacturing excellence and technological innovation, and our passion for customer service, is all built around our primary purpose of providing customers with the best possible vertical transportation solution possible.

Our aim at all times is to create a feasible solution using optimised VERTIBUS TECHNOLOGY in the most affordable manner.


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